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plug injection molding machine

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    AC power plug is one typical product injected by vertical injection molding machine. JINTONG have two kinds of machine for plug injection:

a) vertical injection vertical clamping machine, JTT series

b) horizontal injection vertical clamping machine, JC series

    The advantages for each machine as below:

 a) JTT series are chosen to make small or medium production quantity, and match 2 caivty or 4 cavity mold. JC series are chosen to make mass production quantity, and match 4 cavity, 6 cavity and 8 cavity mold. 

b) JTT machine have cheaper price than JC, based on same clamping force

c) JC machine have longer life span than JTT, because JC machine have one whole body, JTT machine can be seprated to two parts(injection unit and working table0

d) JC machine is more easy for worker to put in insert and take out plug, compared to JTT machine.




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