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Center Turret Two Color Vertical Injection Molding Machine JTT-2400

Clamping force: 240T
  • JTT-2400


Injection   System

Clamping   Forcetons120120
injection systemScrew   Diametermm4055
Injection Pressurekg/cm21890999
Theoretical Shot Volumecm3251474
Max Shot Weightg198375
Injection Ratecm3/sec275275

Screw  Strokemm200200
clamping systemClamping   Forcetons240
Opening Forcetons28
Distance Between Tie Barmm400*500
Min Mold Heightmm250
Opening Strokemm360
Max Open Daylightmm610
Ejector Forcetons8
Ejector Strokemm110
OTHERMax   Hydraulic Pressurekg/cm2140
Pump OutputCCmain system 200               auxiliary system 128
Motor Speedr/min2000
Machine Weighttons13
Machine Dimensionmm2850*2400*4838

Center turret two color/material injection molding machine JTT-2400

Clamping force: 240T

Vertical clamping, vertical injection, easy to change color or material, well mixed, rapid temperature rise

Center turret to transfer injected parts from one mold to another mold

Different injection combination can be chosen to reach best productivity and less power loss accoding to different shot weight

One molding for dual-color/material embedded products, multi-station rotary design, stable rotation, precise position, easy to put and pick out products

Application for bicycle handle, tools handle



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